History of “Volkovysk central regional hospital”

Medicine of volkovysk district has a rich history

 Up to 1939 in the territory of volkovysk district (povet) had functioned three hospitals on 80 stationary beds,including: Jewish,private and  city hospital. Health care population provided ten private doctors.

 After the liberation of Western Belarus,in September 1939,in addition to the existing medical institutions, was added state hospital on eighty-beds,and Volkovysk antitubecular dispensary is located now in the building of this hospital.

 After the liberation of Volkovysk from fascist invaders the restoration and expansion of the network of health facilities began.The city hospital with 30 beds was restored, the first chief doctor was a surgeon Stepan Sidoruk since July 23,1944,was opened maternity hospital with 20 beds.

 August 30,1944 was organized anti-tuberculosis point,the head doctor was A.D. Gorbatsevich. In 1952 tuberculosis unit was transformed into tuberculosis dispensary with 30 places,and in 1963 it was expanded to 110 beds. The first chief doctor of TB dispensary was an excellent organizer,a talented physician V. Skachevsky,who for 20 years led this medical institution and did a lot to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis in the region.

  August 1944-was opened ambulance station under the direction of paramedic I.I. Yarmolovich.

 February 2,1945 – the opening of the dermatovenerologic point,which was headed by E.D.Urinova. In 1963 he was reorganized inti dermatovenerologic dispensary with 30 beds.

 During 1944-1945 in the rural areas were organized and began to work seven medical sites:Rossky,Izabelinsky,Volpovsky, Krasnoselsky,Gudevichsky,Mstibovsky and Vereykovsky.

Health leaders of Volkovysk district in different years were:

  •  Kostina Vera Ivanovna-Deputy Of Volkovysk health department 1944-1953 years
  • Zimina M.A.- deputy Volkovysk health department 1953-1957 years
  • Kirilchik Nikolay Tarasovich-chief doctor 1957-1972 years
  • Valchuk Eduard Antonovich-chief doctor 1972
  •  Muzichko Ivan Nikolaevic-chief doctor 1972-1977 years
  • Harevich Mechislav Adolfovich-chief doctor 1977-1997 years
  • Kuharchik Victor Ivanovich-chief doctor 1997-2002 years
  • Timoshko Galina Romanovna-chief doctor 2002-2008
  • Milkamanovich Aleksandr Luciyanovich-chief doctor 2008-2010 years
  • Naruta Aleksandr Nikolaevich-chief doctor 2011-2018 years
  • Nowadays-Crickevich Elene Zbignevna



In 1963 CDH was removed on the territory of ex-border patrol unit,where is located nowadays.


Passed years,decades. All this time work was carried out.It was aimed at strengthening the material and technical base,expand the departments of the hospital,developping specialized types of medical care. New buildings were built: the district and dental clinics, the obstertric and gynecological building, the hospital in Ross.

Today Volkovysk Central Regional Hospital has 522 beds,including 427 beds in the central regional hospital with 14 specialized departments,the hospital in Ross including 55 beds with polyclinic,Krasnoselskaya polyclinic,Vereykovskaya and Matveevskaya hospitals including 25 beds,Gneznovskaya and Volpovskaya nursing hospitals, Podoroskaya outpatient clinic of general practice, four policlinics: district(for 663 visits),city(for 100 visits),children’s( for 100 visits), and dental clinic(for 250 visits),22 obstetric points. Five departments of the district hospital are inter-district,which assist people from Svisloch,Zelva and Slonim:


-Perinatal center the second level

-Cytology laboratory

-Dermatovenerological dispensary

-Trauma department

-Haemodialysis care unit and extracorporeal methods of detoxification